Outsourced Logistics Services for Your Company

You have more important things to do than Manage Warehouses.

Other than relaxing at home, there is no place we'd rather be than kicking butt in a warehouse. Symbia delivers the gamut of logistics offerings, including site selection, workforce management, and maintenance of warehouse spaces. Our capabilities are many, and our strengths come from a lifetime of commitment to the logistics industry. 

Embedded Environment operations


Because the day doesn't end with fulfillment and deliveries, we also take charge of our customers' daily maintenance needs and keep their facilities operating at their best.

  • Facilities maintenance

  • Equipment maintenance

  • Equipment refurbishment

  • Supply crib

  • Mail room

Site Selection, Procurement & Management


With 24 locations, we've been to the show when it comes to selecting, acquiring, and running facilities. Your expansion efforts deserve guidance and support so you can focus on what you do best.

Leave your next site selection up to us and know that a team of experts has your back.