We’re thrilled to announce Fred Rake as the new President of Symbia Logistics. A seasoned logistics professional and a visionary, Fred brings a wealth of experience to the table, and his appointment marks a significant milestone in Symbia’s ongoing journey of growth and expansion.

Fred shared, “I’m delighted to announce that effective immediately, I will step into the position of President of Symbia Logistics. This move completes our stage one objective of Symbia’s expansion into Texas, specifically Houston, by adding the 260,000 square feet of A1 Warehousing. Coupled with our successes in Reno, Denver, Chicagoland, Kansas City, Cleveland, and more, our domestic footprint continues to grow impressively.”

Our expansion story doesn’t just end with increasing our physical presence. It’s a testament to the hard work, the ever-evolving strategies, and the dedication to our vision. With Fred at the helm, Symbia is poised to take even larger strides in providing unparalleled multichannel 3PL fulfillment and distribution services to our esteemed clients.

One of Fred’s core beliefs, which aligns seamlessly with Symbia’s ethos, is the importance of listening.

“Real success comes from meeting with and listening to Symbia’s incredible customers,” says Fred. “Our approach is simple. We lay out a clear plan, stick to it, understand available contingencies, and keep learning from the people around us.”

Jim Smith, Symbia’s Chairman and a longtime friend of Fred, remarks, “Fred’s leadership and understanding of logistics are unparalleled. Having partnered with him in the creation and growth of A1 Logistics in Houston, which is now part of the Symbia family, I’m extremely optimistic about the future. Fred’s dedication to excellence will undoubtedly take Symbia to new heights.”

Away from the hustle and bustle of logistics, Fred finds solace in his faith and family. These pillars provide him with the stability and perspective needed to navigate the complexities of an ever-changing work environment.

As Symbia Logistics continues its journey, bolstered by our commitment to clients and guided by the visionary leadership of individuals like Fred, we invite our customers, prospects, employees, and partners to join us in celebrating this new chapter. Together, let’s make logistics not just a service, but an experience of efficiency, dedication, and growth.