Watershed Moment for Global Supply Chain

It is a watershed moment for the global supply chain. A literal laundry list of factors has disrupted international trade affecting procurement routes from the smallest, intra-regional networks all the way to major, worldwide trade routes. It began with the COVID-19 pandemic. Quarantine measures spurred a radical decrease in demand, which in turn halted large-scale production. Now, two years into the pandemic, heightened geopolitical tensions ranging from the war in Ukraine to surging inflation have further exacerbated the problem. In late April the International Monetary Fund issued a sobering warning by downgrading its 2022 global economic projections from 4.9% to 3.6%.

Need for Supply Chain Resiliency

For the last two years supply chain resiliency has been the battle cry. As popular just-in-time methods buckled to mounting external pressures, everyone from manufacturers to distributors sought to carve out new, hyper-local supply networks to counteract the coming breakdown. Logistics professionals the world over spent 2021 in contingency planning mode looking for new ways to source the raw materials and products necessary for our economy to run. It’s time for the supply chain management industry to take a long, hard look at its policies, and its practices in order to usher in a new era of what Symbia Logistics CEO Megan Smith likes to call “Supply change.”

The Evolution and Transformation of Symbia Logistics

Symbia Logistics came from humble beginnings. The company started out in 1989 offering pallet management, warehousing, and basic 3PL services. At the company’s inception, their services were a far cry from the dominant logistical force that they are today. And yet, in their 25 year history, the company’s story is one of constant progress. Today, Symbia Logistics is proud to announce a complete brand overhaul that communicates comforting reassurance and personalized support in an economic climate defined by extreme uncertainty. Symbia Logistics understands the kind of transformation necessary to thrive in a tumultuous environment like this. “In a short amount of time we’ve evolved from a rough and tumble pallet refurbishment company to a leading national 3PL with deep technological capabilities. An authentic brand builds trust, so it is important for our customers, prospects and team members to see the vision that we’ve all been diligently working toward,” said Symbia CEO Megan Smith.

Digital Presence and Messaging Revamp

Symbia Logistics has pulled out all the stops to create a custom website and updated brand identity, built to stand out from the ultra-competitive digital landscape they find themselves in. Symbia worked with their long-time marketing partner, Hyfyve, who recruited the talent of renowned UK-based graphic artists Barbara Gibson and Marta Kochanek, to adjust both their digital presence and messaging. “The brand updates and the new website reflect Symbia Logistics’ position as the leaders of “supply change”. The team deeply values the relationships shared with customers, partners and team members, it was critical that we communicate that sentiment through the graphics and overall tone,” said Dennis McMahon, CEO of HyFyve.

The Brand Refresh: Embracing Change and Promoting Innovation

If the last two years of supply chain upheaval have taught us anything, it’s that there are. In keeping with the theme of supply chain resilience, experienced logistics professionals have had to seek alternative methods to source what they need, when they need it. That means cutting out the middleman entirely. Even seasoned 3PL providers have had to seek out new 4PL partnerships to help them execute on their core business, often at the expense of a customizable experience. With the brand refresh, Megan and her team at Symbia took that idea and ran with it. The new brand message speaks less in terms of industry jargon and more about what’s in it for the customer, an experience where more meaningful relationships can be formed and customized solutions are developed. Celebrating the wide range of backgrounds and experiences within our community, the faces within our custom illustrations tell the story of who we are at Symbia. This intentional creative choice mirrors our inclusive ethos, spotlighting the varied individuals within our workforce and customer base. The vibrancy and strength of our brand, reflected in these illustrations, is a testament to our belief that multiple perspectives and inclusivity are integral to our identity. The reimagined website now features a wider, more inviting palette with a mix of thought-provoking color that speaks to a wide range of potential customers. At the center? Symbia’s traditional logo, which is synonymous with integration, quality, and reliability.

Commitment to Progress and Agility

This is far more than just an update of their existing brand, however. It’s about supply change. In order to maintain relevance and thrive in today’s market, it’s necessary to appeal to new avenues of general business, materials procurement, and sales. It’s an exciting new direction for one of the country’s most recognizable 3PL partners. Changes like this speak to the agility with which Symbia has always moved, continually positioning themselves at the forefront of innovation. From multichannel warehousing capabilities to the very horizon of distribution management practices, Symbia’s bread and butter is progress. Throughout the pandemic —and subsequent upheaval— Symbia has adapted with speed and resilience. In today’s rapidly evolving global economy nothing except change is guaranteed. We’ve seen an unprecedented level of turmoil affect the industry, with one crisis after another rupturing the global supply chain. We must evolve and be future forward in our strategies. To prepare our global supply chain for the future, we need leaders like Symbia Logistics who are committed to ushering in real and meaningful supply change.