Symbia Joins International Warehouse Logistics Association

Collaborating with the Best in the Industry

Associations, education, advocacy, oh my!

We’re excited to announce we recently joined the International Warehouse Logistics Association (IWLA). As “The Resource for Warehouse Logistics,” the IWLA provides a wealth of benefits to logistics providers, including our company. Among the many benefits, this new membership will ensure that Symbia stays at the leading edge of changes in warehouse logistics.

“We look forward to working alongside some of the best in the industry,” says Megan Smith, CEO of Symbia. “IWLA members share best practices and our membership allows us to expand our relationships with warehousing organizations leading the industry.”

Based in Des Plaines, Illinois, IWLA is a trade association of warehouse logistics providers. The association helps members run high-quality, profitable businesses. IWLA focuses on providing ideas and information that make it easier for member companies to succeed.

The association has members with operations that range in size from 10,000-square-foot, single-city warehouses to international companies with more than 25 million square feet of warehouse space.

We are looking forward to a new resource that will:

  1. Help us stay abreast of changing legal and regulatory requirements

  2. Advocate for us in Washington, D.C. on issues that impact the warehouse/logistics business.

  3. Provide valuable education opportunities in all aspects of warehouse logistics

  4. Build our business through networking opportunities

  5. Assist us in meeting our ever-changing needs

The bottom line is our IWLA membership ensures our customers will continue to receive the best possible service and value from us.