Showcasing Secure Winter Products

Our “coolest” customer keeps people’s safety and the environment top of mind

With frigid temperatures and snow on the ground, we thought it would be the perfect time to introduce you to one of our newest customers, Secure Winter Products. Secure Winter Products creates ice melt technologies that balance the demands of human safety with an awareness of how its products impact the environment. Beginning this season, we’re warehousing the company’s environmentally friendly ice melt products, including Entry. Entry is a liquid form of deicer that’s cleaner, faster acting and best of all, environmentally friendly since it’s biodegradable and also chloride and urea-free. This is something that certainly appeals to our values here at Symbia Logistics.

“We love to do business with companies like this one who use innovation and technology to create products that balance the demand to keep people safe along with keeping the environment top of mind,” said Symbia Logistics CEO Megan Smith.

“’s imperative that people start thinking about how we all can reduce the pollutants that make it into waterways.”
— Jim Smith, Founder of Symbia Logistics

Symbia’s founder, Jim Smith, shares that sentiment. Jim has a deep love of fishing and believes strongly in the importance of protecting our waters. With the algae blooms currently affecting the Florida coast and other waterways around the world, it’s imperative that people start thinking about how we all can reduce the pollutants that make it into waterways. Urea, a commonly used deicer, contains high level of nitrogen, which leads to algae blooms in lakes, river, ponds and other bodies of water. While the bloom in Florida is all over the news recently, the state is hardly alone. According to the EPA, harmful algal blooms are a major environmental problem in all 50 states.

Back to Entry — this innovative product breaks down hydrogen bonds formed when water freezes. Basically, it reduces the freezing point of water to approximately minus 63 degrees Fahrenheit. As a result, once you spray Entry, it removes thin layers of ice and snow, and prevents new snow from accumulating or icing. The Denver Broncos facility manager, Brooks Dodson, learned about Entry at the Sports Turf Managers Association tradeshow and opted to start using the product last season because he agreed it’s a better alternative to granular salt deicers that aren’t as environmentally friendly.

Secure Winter Products is owned by SynaTek Solutions, a company that is driven by the belief that improving ecosystems and water quality isn’t environmentalism — it’s the future. We’re proud to work with a company that’s so forward thinking.